Take Action Now! – Only a Few Days Left to Help Community Agencies Buy Local Food


Urgent legislation will allow municipalities to streamline procurement of local foods, changing the cap from $20,000 to a multiplier based on their population—similar to changes made for school districts. At the end of the day, counties (and even towns) will be able to purchase more local New York State products without going through a complex bidding process.

If enacted, municipalities will be able to procure local farm products without the requirement of the formal and time-consuming procurement procedures, streamlining the process for both farmers and municipalities.

Local products not only support local farms and the local economy, but provide fresh, and healthy products. This bill will make it easier to provide high quality local products to New Yorkers fed by local governments, contributing to positive long-term health outcomes and building community relationships.

ACT NOW!  The legislative session ends THURSDAY!  We need your support today!

Contact the Assemblyman Carl Heastie, Speaker of the New York State Assembly, and Senator John Flanagan, Temporary President and Majority Leader of the Senate.

  • Urge Assemblyman Heastie and Senator Flanagan to bring this bill to a vote before the end of session.
  • Let them know you want New York municipality dollars going to local farmers to support the economy and provide healthy, fresh food for people fed by local government, like those in nursing homes, senior centers, and early childcare centers.

What else can you do?

  • Contact Senator Latimer and Assemblywoman Woerner and thank them for their support!
  • Contact your NYS Assembly Representative and Senator and urge them to support local food procurement for all NY institutions.
  • Tell your family, friends, school administration, board and parents organizations and ask them to contact state legislators
  • Write a Letter of Support from your organization
  • Spread the word on social media; follow @DASH_NY and @NYFarmBureau on Twitter

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