Policy Priorities

The DASH-NY 2016 Policy Priorities are representative of our multi-sector coalition; diverse, yet connected in advancing chronic disease prevention through policy, systems, and environmental changes.

Each of our five workgroups selected relevant, actionable changes to impact chronic disease and well-being statewide. Over the course of 2016, DASH-NY will engage locally, and statewide, to garner support for these important policies.  See how you can Take Action on these priorities!

Active Communities

• Establish dedicated state funding for Complete Streets in New York State and expand
the scope of current state law to include all roadway projects.

• Expand access to parks, trails, and outdoor recreation statewide through increased
funding and the creation a statewide policy to allow shared use of school facilities.

Food Policy

• Increase funding per school meal to support the procurement of healthy, local foods.

• Invest $15 million in the Healthy Food and Healthy Communities Fund and $3 million
in the Healthy Corner Store Initiative to support healthy food access for all.

Healthy Schools and Childcare

• Expand access and funding to Farm to School grants throughout New York State to
improve the supply of healthy, local produce to public school children.

• Establish a policy to increase reporting by schools on quality physical education.

Economic and Community Development

• Establish funding and regulations supporting healthy food infrastructure, including
farmers markets, shared-use kitchens, and healthy food processing.

• Support adequate funding for non-MTA transit systems throughout New York State.

Clinical and Community Linkages

• Work to secure policies and funding in support of health initiatives targeted at chronic
disease prevention, and the disparities that exist in these areas.