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Take Action Now! – Only a Few Days Left to Help Community Agencies Buy Local Food
Urgent legislation will allow municipalities to streamline procurement of local foods, changing the cap from $20,000 to a multiplier based on their population—similar to changes made for school dis...

    Amidst the Closing of Supermarkets, a Bill Provides Hope
    By Amanda Li, B.A., Junior Policy Associate In September 2016, Promoting Prevention published a blog post about the closing of City Fresh, a local supermarket in East Harlem. Just a few weeks later...
    Share Your Thoughts on Sodium Reduction
    Since it is processed and prepared foods, not the salt shaker, that contribute 75 percent of Americans salt intake, the Food and Drug Administration is asking for the help of the food industry and ...
    Promoting Universal Well-Being in Schools
    By Michele Calvo, Policy Associate It’s a scene that brings joy to parents everywhere—a room full of energetic kindergarteners competing to sit up straight, listen quietly to their teachers and foc...
    The American Antibiotics Resistance Crisis: Experts in Agriculture and Health Talk Solutions
    FROM THE URBAN HEALTH MATTERS BLOG BY AMANDA LI Academy hosts forum on taming a growing, national health threat With resistance to antibiotics prevalent in every country across the globe and more t...



Partners in Health: Community Food Programs and Hospital Partnerships in New York
Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are among the serious conditions that can result from a poor diet. Creating healthy food environments is vital...
Supervised Injection Facilities: A Controversial but Proven Solution to a Deadly Epidemic
By Amanda Li and Michele Calvo In 1995, at the peak of the United States’ HIV/AIDS epidemic, 43,115 people died from the disease within that one ye...



Advancing Prevention Project

The Advancing Prevention Project (APP) works to build the capacity of local health departments (LHDs) and hospitals to implement actionable New York State Prevention Agenda plans. Prevention Agenda 2013-2018: New York State’s Health Improvement Plan