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The Guide to Community Preventive Services is a free resource to help you choose programs and policies to improve health and prevent disease in your community.


Register Now for DASH-NY Coalition Conference!

Launching new projects is always surrounded by excitement and optimism, especially with a healthy infusion of new funding. The challenge then becomes, how can you plan for projects to last, and even grow, beyond initial funding? DASH-NY’s 2015 conference will bring together partners from public health, business, academia, transportation, food systems, and others engaged in obesity prevention. This networking event will allow partners to share knowledge and practice on strategies that lead to long term sustainability of interventions and campaigns to reduce obesity and related disparities.

DASH-NY is Designing a Strong and Healthy New York and encouraging all New Yorkers to make healthy choices by engaging multiple sectors in creating policy, systems, and environmental changes that will end the epidemic of obesity.

DASH-NY offers policy analysis, training, technical assistance, and support for sustainable changes that increase access to healthy food and safe places to play and exercise for all New Yorkers.

Visit our training and technical assistance page and view our most recent webinars and an archive of past trainings!

Watch for additional trainings in the coming months!